Epidemic and Economy - Message from the President of BKIK

Dear Partner! Dear Budapest Entrepreneur!

Over the past year and a half, businesses in Budapest have faced unprecedented challenges. Many have suffered irreparable losses in both their personal and business lives. With its crowds, well-run companies and shops went bankrupt, irreplaceable people left us.

By now, we who have stayed here know that we need to be stronger and more resilient than ever before in order to survive unexpected crises like this with confidence.

And a very important part of this resilience is that we, personally, both employers and employees, should do everything we can to slow down the spread of the virus, which is currently less intense, but with a good chance that it will soon be renewed. As autumn approaches, the city will be filled with people, and offices will also operate in larger numbers, while newer variants will emerge. We can now do it for him, as everyone can decide to take the opportunity and protect themselves and their environment with one of the available vaccines.

What do we gain from vaccination? What can we gain from a responsible decision? The safe maintenance of Budapest’s economic life, the operation of local businesses and their ability to generate income, and thus, ultimately, the secure income of their employees. Predictable income is not provided by ad hoc state subsidies, but by a sustainable and smooth economic life.

We believe that it is the vaccine alone that can prevent the epidemic. The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry therefore encourages responsible entrepreneurs and their employees to register for the coronavirus vaccination and administer the vaccine if they have not already done so. If they have the opportunity, convince at least one of their entrepreneurial partners so that they are as widely aware of social responsibility as possible.

During our discussions with entrepreneurs in Budapest, we came across several exemplary initiatives with which each company was able to successfully protect the health of its employees and the operation of the organization by properly monitoring vaccinations and developing effective internal regulations. In order for these good practices to help others, we share a successful entrepreneurial practice from time to time.

we can add it to our series, which will be published on the bkik.hu website and in our weekly newsletter.

The health of the employees of the companies in Budapest, the health of the people running the business is primary and it is all up to us now, in fact, it is our common responsibility.

Thank you for doing it too!

Elek the Great

President, Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry